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Detergent Whitening Agent Optical Brightener CBS X Powder CI 351, light yellow-green powder, CAS No. 27344-41-8, is the best fluorescent whitening agent in detergent industry. It has good whitening effect on cellulose fiber, polyamide fiber and protein fiber at room temperature. Its whitening strength on cotton is 2.7 times that of a Stilbene triazine derivative, which is very stable with sodium hypochlorite, and is a very popular anti bleaching whitening agent. It is widely used in synthetic detergents, soaps and other detergents, can also be used for water-based coatings, fiber, nylon, wool, paper, cotton, t/c blended fabric whitening.

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Detergent Whitening Agent Optical Brightener CBS X Powder

Today, optical brightening agents (oba) cbs x CI 351 are widely used in washing industry.They are dyes that are absorbed by textile fibers from the solution but are not removed during the washing process. Whitening Agent CBS X and optical brightener CXT convert invisible ultraviolet light into visible light on the blue side of the spectrum, making the fiber reflect more visible light and making it appear brighter. In addition, since the tone of the extra reflected light is on the blue side of the spectrum, this blue-violet hue will complement any yellow on the fiber.It uses physical optics to make the fabric look brighter and whiter.


Detergent Whitening Agent Optical Brightener CBS X CI 351 Pure Powder 99%min with CAS No 27344-41-8.

CI 351 detergent chemical

1.Product description:

Detergent Whitening Agent Optical Brightener CBS X is the most excellentopticalbrightening agentused in detergent industry. It can soluble in water easily and has better whitener effect on cellulose fiber, polyamide and proteinic fiber at room temperature. It has high brightening intensity on cotton cloth as much 2.7 times diphenylethylene tristriazine derivatives andhas extremely high stability with hypochloride sodium, it is a bleaching resistant optical brightener which is very popular and widely used forSynthetic detergent whitening, Soap whitening and other detergent industry.




Detergent Whitening Agent Optical Brightener CBS X CI 351


Bright yellow powder



Molecular Formula




Melting point


Moisture content


Content of Water-insoluble impurities



3.Product details:

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Ogilvy

Certification: ISO9001

Application: Detergent Whitening Agent Optical Brightener CBS X CI 351 mainly used for Synthetic detergent whitening, Soap making and other detergent industry whitening etc.

4.Our advantage:

(1)Founded in 2003, Jinan Ogilvy Chemical Co Ltd is a professional China Manufacturers in optical brightener, pigment and titanium dioxide. Sale and R&D more than 18 years! Now we have 8 production lines with several kinds of optical brightener and pigment such as OB, OB-1, FP-127, CBS-X, CXT, Pigment Blue, Ultramarine blue, Solvent Violet etc. and annual output of optical brightener totally is nearly 3000MT per year! 
(2)Our optical brightener and pigment now are very popular in the global market and very widely used in the fields of plastic, chemical fiber, coating, painting, ink, textile printing & dyeing, detergent and paper making etc! For now, we have already exported our optical brightener and pigment to all over the world more than 60 countries & areas mainly include Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe, America, South America and Africa etc!
(3)Own 4 large warehouses and 2 transit warehouses, total storage capacity can reach 200 tons.So we can shipped within 3-15 days.
(4)Own 2 quality inspection teams to carry out at least 20 inspection tasks every day.At the same time, we work with universities such as QILU university to conduct technology research and product testing.
(5)Good and long term after-sales service.Own professional after-sales team,rapid response within 2 hours to supply professional production guidance.
(6)Support various payment terms. T/T, LC, D/P and so on.
  (7)  We can supply DDP service, deliver the goods directly to the address you specify.
 CI 351 detergent auxiliary agent and soap making

5.Packing information:

Usually is 25Kg/cardboard drum with inner double PE liner.

optical brightener CBS-X manufacturer

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